Dental Services

Dental Health CareDental cat and dog email fill 208x208 is extremely important. The number one cause of heart disease and kidney disease in the dog (number three in the cat) is dental tartar and periodontal disease. Millions of bacteria live in tartar and enter the blood stream from the gums and spread directly to the major organ of the body. Regular brushing with dog or cat tooth paste and regular dental care will help prevent periodontal disease and heart and kidney disease and improve the quality of your pet's life.

We are well equipped for your pet's dental care. We have a well-trained staff and the finest veterinary equipment, including: a Piazzo scaler, High Speed Rotary drill, Low Speed Dental Polisher, and many other modern and sophisticated equipment.  Dental Digital Radiology:  Our modern dental X-ray equipment provides high quality intraoral digital images to aid in the quick diagnosis of dental and oral disorders. Digital radiography also allows us to use less radiation.  Our Laser Surgical Unit allows us remove gum tumors, perform gingivectomies, and treat many serious oral lesions that are beyond the capabilities of many veterinary hospitals.

Surgery - (Traditional, Laser and CryProbe)

We perform routine (Spay / Neuter) veterinary surgeries. We also perform  surgeries for fractured bones, tumor removals, eyelid deformities, ear flap and ear canal conditions, oral diseases and many more. We have an excellent surgery room equipped with a heart and blood oxygen monitor, EKG monitor, and a Blood pressure monitor to ensure the safety of our surgical patients.
We are strong proponents of pain management. We will do everything possible to ensure minimal pain and discomfort for all patients.
Laser Surgery For Your Pet
laserThe use of the Carbon Dioxide Laser has largely replaced the scalpel in our office. We take great pride in being the first veterinary practice in Prince George’s County to offer laser surgery.
What is laser and how does it work?
Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation. A laser is a device which generates an intense beam of light. The Carbon Dioxide Laser produces an invisible beam, which heats and vaporizes tissue almost instantaneously. This is done so precisely that normal surrounding tissues are hardly affected.
What is a laser used for?
Several routine surgeries, including spays and neuters can be performed with the laser. The laser works extremely well for declawing and removal of many tumors by reducing swelling, bleeding and pain. Because of the precise control of the laser, tumors of the eyelids can be removed completely with minimal discomfort while preserving much more of the eyelid than possible with traditional surgery.
Advantages of the laser
* Less pain: The laser seals nerve endings, reducing postoperative pain. The healing is more comfortable.
*  Less bleeding: The laser shrinks small blood vessels, considerably reducing bleeding
*  Reduces infections: The laser sterilizes as it cuts, and does not touch the tissue.
* The laser also seals lymphatic tissue, which reduces swelling.
*  Saves time & money: The laser allows many procedures to be performed under local anesthesia. This may reduce the use of a general anesthesia, thus reducing risk and possibly an overnight stay.
The Cryoprobe is the perfect combination of accuracy, ultra cod freezing power (N2O) and pressure.  These qualities make the Cryoporbe the perfect choice for the removal of skin tags, warts and other skin masses.  This is a non painful treatment with little preparation, no anesthesia and little to no follow up required. 

Comprehensive In-House Laboratory

Appropriate use of diagnostic services is extremely important to the medical care of your pet. The sooner we have the results, the sooner we can begin medical therapy. Our "In House" diagnostic lab is excellent. We have the Idexx Lasercyte CBC Machine and the Idexx Veterinary Computer that allows us to perform complete blood counts and almost all veterinary chemistry and electrolytes in our hospital. Most lab results are ready within minutes.

We perform most routine veterinary tests in house including: fecal exams, urinalysis and microscopic evaluations of urine sediment, heartworm tests, Lyme disease tests, Ehrlichia tests, feline leukemia and feline aids tests, blood smears, skin scrapings, ear slides and many more.

Nationally Accredited Reference Laboratories

We work with several nationally accredited veterinary laboratories to obtain the most accurate diagnostic results for your pet; including Antech Diagnostic, Idexx, Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, University of Minnesota Urolith Center, and Kansas State Rabies Laboratory, to name a few.

All Radiographs are evaluated by a Veterinary Radiologist

A Veterinary Radiologist evaluates all radiographs once a week. We have top of the line new Digital Radiology Unit  to assure the highest quality and most diagnostic radiographs.
We are also capable of performing complete studies for the Orthopedic Foundations for Animals (OFA) , including studies for Hip and Elbow dysplasia.

Blood Pressure and Electrocardiograms

We have full capabilities to obtain blood pressure (we have both Doppler and Non Doppler capabilities) readings on your pet and to perform complete EKG’s.  In addition, we work closely with Cardiologists and other specialist to make sure your pet stays healthy.

Sonograms/Ultrasounds available on Wednesdays

Performed on Wednesdays by Dr. Micheal Wise.

Extensive Client Information Material

We are strong advocates for client education and client-doctor communication. Intelligent medical decisions can only be made if our clients are well informed of the problem and the medical options available to them.
We have many educational pamphlets concerning most surgical and medical procedures: laser surgery, spay and neuter, declawing, hypothyroidism in the dog, hematoma repair, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and many more. Request for information is always welcome.

Excellent relationships with Veterinary Specialists

We have been around for over 50 years!   Over time we have been able to develop strong relationships with area Veterinary Specialists.