Dental cat and dog emailFebruary Dental Month Special
February 2018

During February 20% Off Dental Cleaning and Xrays... Dental Health Care is extremely important. Dental disease is the number one cause of heart disease and kidney disease in the dog and the number three cause in the cat. Millions of bacteria live in tartar and enter the bloodstream from the gums and spread directly to the major organs of the body. Regular brushing with dog or cat toothpaste and regular professional dental care will help prevent periodontal, heart and kidney disease and improve the quality of your pet's life.

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Weight Loss Program Special
January 2018
If a pet is overweight it’s at risk for developing some serious medical conditions. It is expected that
overweight and obese pets will have shorter lives than their fitter counterparts.
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SAVE UP TO $20Heartgard 2018
Buy a 12 month supply and receive $8.00 OFF the Heartworm test (if done on the same day) and $12.00 Rebate too!.