Complete Medical Services

Dental Services

Dental Health CareDental cat and dog email fill 208x208 is extremely important. The number one cause of heart disease and kidney disease in the dog (number three in the cat) is dental tartar and periodontal disease. Millions of bacteria live in tartar and enter the blood stream from the gums and spread directly to the major organ of the body. Regular brushing with dog or cat tooth paste and regular dental care will help prevent periodontal disease and heart and kidney disease and improve the quality of your pet's life.

We are well equipped for your pet's dental care. We have a well-trained staff and the finest veterinary equipment, including: a Piazzo scaler, High Speed Rotary drill, Low Speed Dental Polisher, and many other modern and sophisticated equipment.  Dental Digital Radiology:  Our modern dental X-ray equipment provides high quality intraoral digital images to aid in the quick diagnosis of dental and oral disorders. Digital radiography also allows us to use less radiation.  Our Laser Surgical Unit allows us remove gum tumors, perform gingivectomies, and treat many serious oral lesions that are beyond the capabilities of many veterinary hospitals.

Surgery - (Traditional, Laser and CryProbe)

We perform routine (Spay / Neuter) veterinary surgeries. We also perform  surgeries for fractured bones, tumor removals, eyelid deformities, ear flap and ear canal conditions, oral diseases and many more. We have an excellent surgery room equipped with a heart and blood oxygen monitor, EKG monitor, and a Blood pressure monitor to ensure the safety of our surgical patients.
We are strong proponents of pain management. We will do everything possible to ensure minimal pain and discomfort for all patients.
Laser Surgery For Your Pet
laserThe use of the Carbon Dioxide Laser has largely replaced the scalpel in our office. We take great pride in being the first veterinary practice in Prince George’s County to offer laser surgery.
What is laser and how does it work?
Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation. A laser is a device which generates an intense beam of light. The Carbon Dioxide Laser produces an invisible beam, which heats and vaporizes tissue almost instantaneously. This is done so precisely that normal surrounding tissues are hardly affected.
What is a laser used for?
Several routine surgeries, including spays and neuters can be performed with the laser. The laser works extremely well for declawing and removal of many tumors by reducing swelling, bleeding and pain. Because of the precise control of the laser, tumors of the eyelids can be removed completely with minimal discomfort while preserving much more of the eyelid than possible with traditional surgery.
Advantages of the laser
* Less pain: The laser seals nerve endings, reducing postoperative pain. The healing is more comfortable.
*  Less bleeding: The laser shrinks small blood vessels, considerably reducing bleeding
*  Reduces infections: The laser sterilizes as it cuts, and does not touch the tissue.
* The laser also seals lymphatic tissue, which reduces swelling.
*  Saves time & money: The laser allows many procedures to be performed under local anesthesia. This may reduce the use of a general anesthesia, thus reducing risk and possibly an overnight stay.
The Cryoprobe is the perfect combination of accuracy, ultra cod freezing power (N2O) and pressure.  These qualities make the Cryoporbe the perfect choice for the removal of skin tags, warts and other skin masses.  This is a non painful treatment with little preparation, no anesthesia and little to no follow up required. 

Comprehensive In-House Laboratory

Appropriate use of diagnostic services is extremely important to the medical care of your pet. The sooner we have the results, the sooner we can begin medical therapy. Our "In House" diagnostic lab is excellent. We have the Idexx Lasercyte CBC Machine and the Idexx Veterinary Computer that allows us to perform complete blood counts and almost all veterinary chemistry and electrolytes in our hospital. Most lab results are ready within minutes.

We perform most routine veterinary tests in house including: fecal exams, urinalysis and microscopic evaluations of urine sediment, heartworm tests, Lyme disease tests, Ehrlichia tests, feline leukemia and feline aids tests, blood smears, skin scrapings, ear slides and many more.

Nationally Accredited Reference Laboratories

We work with several nationally accredited veterinary laboratories to obtain the most accurate diagnostic results for your pet; including Antech Diagnostic, Idexx, Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, University of Minnesota Urolith Center, and Kansas State Rabies Laboratory, to name a few.

All Radiographs are evaluated by a Veterinary Radiologist

A Veterinary Radiologist evaluates all radiographs once a week. We have top of the line new Digital Radiology Unit  to assure the highest quality and most diagnostic radiographs.
We are also capable of performing complete studies for the Orthopedic Foundations for Animals (OFA) , including studies for Hip and Elbow dysplasia.

Blood Pressure and Electrocardiograms

We have full capabilities to obtain blood pressure (we have both Doppler and Non Doppler capabilities) readings on your pet and to perform complete EKG’s.  In addition, we work closely with Cardiologists and other specialist to make sure your pet stays healthy.

Sonograms/Ultrasounds available on Wednesdays

Performed on Wednesdays by Dr. Micheal Wise.

Extensive Client Information Material

We are strong advocates for client education and client-doctor communication. Intelligent medical decisions can only be made if our clients are well informed of the problem and the medical options available to them.
We have many educational pamphlets concerning most surgical and medical procedures: laser surgery, spay and neuter, declawing, hypothyroidism in the dog, hematoma repair, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and many more. Request for information is always welcome.

Excellent relationships with Veterinary Specialists

We have been around for over 50 years!   Over time we have been able to develop strong relationships with area Veterinary Specialists.

Preventive Medical Health Care

Many infectious diseases can be prevented by appropriate routine vaccinations. Strategic monthly deworming and fecal exams will control internal parasites and easy to use, once a month topical treatments will control fleas and ticks. The physical examination is a major component of the preventive medicine approach to health care. Physical exams frequently reveal minor problems before they develop into serious illnesses. It is far less costly to you and your pet to prevent diseases than to treat them.

Caring for your Dog
Puppies, adults and senior dogs have their own special needs.  Let us guide you as your pet ages with the best preventative care for your pet.  For specific life stage information visit our library.
Caring for your Cat
Kittens, adults and senior cats have their own special needs.  Let us guide you as your pet ages with the best preventative care for your pet.  For specific life stage information visit our library.

Weight Loss Program (NEW)

Dog weight loss information

Dog on Scale PNG

Cat weight loss information

Cat on weight balance PNG

Weight Loss Program Chart webRechecks and weigh-ins after you’ve put your pet on a weight loss program are critical to determine if the plan is working for your pet.  Each pet is an individual and may require many changes in diet or routine before finding the correct approach. In general, your pet should be weighed every 30-60 days until the ideal weight is achieved. If there is no significant weight loss in 60 days a new approach should be pursued.

*Weight progress Evaluation ($) (with a doctor) should be done at a minimum every 4 months in order to continue to be part of the Weight Loss Program. Every exam is charged separately. All prices are subject to change without notice.
**Blood test should be done at least every 12 months or more often if the doctor deems it appropriate to continue to be part of the weight loss program. Every blood test is charged separately. All prices are subject to change without notice.
***Technician evaluations are free of charge. However they do not include a Veterinarian during the evaluation.

Senior Health Care Program

Senior Pets PNG MSome people are unaware that pets over the age of 7 years are prone to age-related diseases. With changing activity levels and metabolism, older dogs and cats may experience weight problems, heart disease, poorly functioning kidneys, dental problems and cancer.

By detecting problems when they begin, we have a better opportunity to eliminate or slow their development, ensuring additional healthy, happy years for your pet. The Senior Health Care Work-Up will allow us to determine a baseline blood and biochemical levels for your pet.

Our Senior Health Care Work-up includes: Physical Exam, Complete blood Count, Superchem blood profile, T4 analysis (feline only), complete urinalysis, fecal analysis, EKG, blood pressure, thoracic and abdominal radiographs, radiologist consultation, nail trim and the follow up visits to discuss results with the doctor. 

Senior Health Care for Dogs

 Senior Health Care for Cats





Boarding dogs1Boarding catWe provide a fun, clean, and safe environment for dogs and cats to receive lots of love and attention while they board with us.  Pets can be examined by our Doctors and our veterinary technicians on a regular basis if needed.   They can be bathed or fully groomed after they stay with us, so they go home smelling good and looking good. 
  • Reservations -  We have limited space so boarding is for clients and patients of Indian Head Animal Hospital only.  Reservations are necessary, especially during holidays. Pets can be dropped off between 8am - 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday, 8am - 5:30pm Wednesday - Friday and from 8am-3:30pm on Saturdays. Drop off and pick-ups are not available on Sundays.  Drop off and pick-ups can be scheduled at a different time in advance and at an extra charge.
  • Care - Geriatric, diabetic or other pets with special needs will be examined as needed per Doctors orders.  Dogs will enjoy regular indoor exercise, individual outside walks are available at an extra charge.  Please let us know of any medical conditions in your pet's history and bring any needed medication with instructions. If your pet is on a special diet please bring that with you as well.
  • Peace Of Mind - Indian Head Animal Hospital operates continuously during power outages. We installed an industrial generator large enough to operate the entire hospital.  We are available to serve your emergency needs and those of your neighbors and their pets everyday regardless of the weather or community emergencies.
  • Emergencies - In case of an emergency we will attempt to contact you, but reserve the right to administer immediate care to safeguard your pet's health and safety. Please be sure to leave us a telephone number where you or a friend can be reached anytime.
  • Requirements -
    • Cat - Current Annual Exam (with a staff Veterinarian), Distemper and Rabies Vaccine
    • Dog - Current Annual Exam (with a staff Veterinarian), Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper/Parvo Vaccines.
    • All animals are required to have a negative parasite screening within the last year.
  • Special services - These services have a small extra charge - Administer medications, Extra feeding, Feed prescription diet, Individual hand walking, Diabetic care, Puppy care and Geriatric care.
  • Dog rates depend on their size: (Rates subject to change without notice)
    • Less than 20 punds $ 27.00 per day
      21 - 40 pounds $ 28.00 per day
      41 - 60 pounds $ 29.00 per day
      61 - 80 pounds $ 30.00 per day
      80 - 100 pounds $ 31.00 per day
      Over 100 punds $ 32.00 per day
  • Cat rates:  (Rates subject to change without notice).  
     $ 18.00 per day  
  • Small Mammal rate:    (Rates subject to change without notice).  We  board your hampsters, guinea pigs, or other small friends.  However, you will need to supply the cage, all bedding, and food.
    $ 16.00 per day  

Keeping fewer pets allows us to give each and everyone of them the attention and loving care they need and deserve!

pdfBoarding Policies59.1 KB


We perform routine bathing as well as medicated baths. All of our baths include nail trimming and anal gland emptying.  Matted and older animals might require special attention.   Estimates are available upon request.  Pets must be current on Rabies, and Bordetella (dogs) vaccines.


Prices include shampoo, ears cleaned, nail trim, anal gland expression and 10 minutes combing /brushing. 
Matted pets:  extra combing is additional to regular prices.
Dogs under 40 lbs
Dogs 41-70 lbs
Dogs 71 - 100 lbs
Dogs over 100 lbs
Long hair add
Medicated shampoo
Additional Combing
$40.00 per hour

Hair Cuts

We have a professional groomer , Vee, that works with us.  Vee cames to us with lots of experience.  She has been grooming dogs and cats for a little under 10 years.  Vee is very proficient in all cuts and styles for dogs and cats. Check out Vee's work here.  All of her furry clients are treated as if they were her own and are given a lot of attention and love during the grooming process. If you have any special requests for grooming your dog (nail polish, dyes, bows, etc), Vee is more than happy to accommodate and answer any and all questions you have.  Estimates are available upon request.  Pets must be current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines.

        Prices include facial scrub, shampoo, ears plucked and cleaned, nail trim, anal gland expression and 10 minutes combing /brushing.  Matted pets:  extra combing, brushing, and shaving are additional to regular grooming prices
        Small full body cut  $45.00 - $55.00
 Prices based on lenght of the hair and
not the size of the pet.
        Medium full body cut  $65.00 - $65.00
        Large full body cut  $85.00 - $95.00

Call us at 301 -292-1150

to make an appointment!

        Cat full body cut  $85.00 - $95.00
        Shed Less Package $15.00 - $30.00
        Matted Up charge $5.00 -  $50.00
        Sanitary trim (no bath) $15.00 - $20.00
        Nail Polish (shaved feet only) $10.00  
        Dyes / Coloring $10.00 - $40.00  
        Tooth brushing $10.00  

Puppy Classes

Introduction to Puppy Training Class

1 Class - 2 hours

Class Goals 

The class is designed to teach the owner about the joys and responsibilities of  becoming a new puppy owner.  During the class we will cover important general health and behavioral information about your new puppy.  The goal of the class is to give you information needed to raise a new puppy so that he/she can become the loving pet you expect him/her to be.  We will help you and your puppy prepare for training.  Training is an important part of raising your puppy.   You will receive some very basic training principles to help you get started on a road to a loving relationship with your new dog.puppies small copy

What the class will cover

  • Basics of Potty Training/Crate Training.
  • Feeding your dog: types of food/how often/changing food/tummy problems.
  • Grooming your dog/trimming nails/brushing & coat care/teeth care/bathing.
  • General Health check/what to look for/normal puppy day to day changes.
  • Dangers to puppies in dog parks/environments/feces/other dogs.
  • Preparing for travel.
  • Basics of training/using body language/food/leash and collar/praise/motivation.
  • How dogs learn/dealing with puppy behavior.
  • Dog personality evaluation: every dog is different and has a distinct personality just like every person.  Have your dog evaluated for possible traits that are wanted or unwanted.
  • At an early stage puppies are being shaped by people and some behaviors can be helped before they develop or progress
  • How to interact with your puppy/chewing/biting/rough play.
  • Socialization.

What to know and bring

  • There will only be eight dog/owner teams allowed per class.  Puppies must be between 8 and 16 weeks.
  • There must be one adult per puppy (2 puppies = 2 adults).
  • Classes fill up quick, sign up today.  A Pre-Paid Reservation is required.
  • Once you schedule a class you will not be able to cancel or reschedule.  Fees are non-refundable.
  • Classes are  on scheduled Wednesdays from  7:00 PM to 9:00PM at the hospital.
  • Frequent breaks will be allowed to let puppies go potty and to ask the trainer questions throughout the two hours. 
  • Please bring a crate for your dog. A lot of information will be shared that does not require your puppy’s active participation.  There will be some crates provided if you do not have one. 

Therapeutic Laser

 pilot laser9front1 4457
We have the most powerful machines on the market
With over 8 years of Laser therapy experience we are on our third generation machines.
Laser therapy provides a  drug-free, pain-free, surgery- free treatment which is used to treat a variety of injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, numerous dermatological problems, and pain. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simply aging, your companion will benefit from this revolutionary new approach to Veterinary medicine. 
Laser therapy is the only course of treatment that actually stimulates the body to heal from within. Non-thermal photons of light are administered to the body and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in increased circulation in the body, an anti-inflammatory reaction, relief from pain and an acceleration of the healing process.
This new class IV Therapeutic Laser is the most advanced small animal laser on the market.  The breakthrough of the multiwave system offers greater benefit to the patient that any one wavelength alone.  Our new laser service has been FDA approved!
The actual treatment is prescribed by the veterinarian after a physical exam and consultation with the owner. A  veterinary technician will carry out the treatment, with the owner present. The treatment takes 10 – 20 minutes and requires no sedation.  Several sessions may be needed to obtained the desired results. 
Some of the Conditions that benefit:
Acute & Chronic Pain
Back Injuries
Sprains & Strains
Inflammation & Edema
Wound healing
Sprain/ Strain

More about the Science behind the laser.....

Until now, the challenge with Laser Therapy has been its inability to treat deep-seeded problems, since it is used with low to medium power.   The new Class IV laser therapy was developed to overcome the limits of traditional Laser therapy, based on the use of diode lasers.  Currently, no diode laser is able to induce strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effects simultaneously and within a short period of time.  Continuous Laser emissions act fast on inflammation, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and inducing fast re-absorption of fluid build-ups; however, they only have a secondary effect on pain, which is diminished after reducing the inflammatory process.  Pulsed Laser emissions, on the other hand, have an immediate effect on pain, since they are able to produce analgesia, interfering with the very transmission of the pain impulse to the higher brain centers, but they are less effective at treating inflammation and edema, only achieving results after a long period of application. New class IV Lasers are able to overcome the limits imposed by selecting one of the two emission types, since it is based on the characteristic therapeutic properties of a new Laser pulse.  It combines and synchronizes emission of continuous and pulsed Laser emissions with different infared wavelengths and synchronizes the two emissions.