Our pets are living longer now than in the past.  In addition, we have better preventive medicine and better ways to diagnose and treat many diseases.
Dental Health Care is extremely important. Dental disease is the number one cause of heart disease and kidney disease in the dog and the number three cause in the cat. Millions of bacteria live in tartar and enter the bloodstream from the gums and spread directly to the major organ of the body. Regular brushing with dog or cat tooth paste and regular professional dental care will help prevent periodontal, heart and kidney disease and improve the quality of your pet's life.
To prevent dental disease, your pet needs routine dental care at home.  But to perform good home care, you need to start with clean teeth.  Brushing will remove plaque but not tartar (accumulated plaque), it will also not help clean the areas underneath the gum line.  The areas underneath the gum line are the true areas of concern, and the place where dental disease, gum irritation and bad breath starts. 
Benefit of Dental Prophylaxis
  • Improves bad breath
  • Helps prevent toothaches, and abscesses
  • Pets with healthy mouths live longer
    • The infection in the mouth sheds bacteria in to the bloodstream.  If the body is unable to fight the bacteria and eliminate it severe disease can occur.  More often than we like to think the bacteria will find its way to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and cause damage.  If the bacterium happens to attack the heart the infection can become fatal.


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